Yacht Charter: Sailing in the Sporades Islands

If you’ve ever dreamed of waking up on your private yacht, anchored by a picturesque coastline, as the sun rises, then this could be the experience for you. Drop the anchor overnight in a magical secluded bay, so you wake up surrounded a gently lapping sparkling sea, perfect for your next adventure. Take a moonlight swim if it takes your fancy, after all you’ll be the only ones there!

Slow, slow quick, quick slow…….from the tango to the foxtrot, great dances are all about rhythm and timing. The same can be said about great holidays. Consider sailing as a waltz; soak up the atmosphere as you slowly sail through the peaceful blue water, reflecting a tranquil blue sky. If you want to speed it up we can always play some music to dance to! Give your holiday a personal soundtrack if you’ve got an iPod, a favourite CD or memory stick, please feel free to bring it. You know how that great track reminds you…..(Great memories are made in music).

If you live in the fast lane and want to kick back and relax this is the trip for you. Relaxation doesn’t mean doing nothing, sailing with us you can join in with the crew take part in hoisting the sails, if you fancy yourself as a sailor take the helm and steer.

The Choice is yours…

Sporades Islands


Ionian Islands
Saronico Islands
Aegean Islands
Cyclades Islands

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Longing for fresh fish and a chilled glass at the end of the day, why not try your luck catching your own. We can barbeque it while you put your feet up and watch the sunset over the water, there is no better sight to finish the day. Or try the delicacies of the region by a charming harbour and then stroll round the town before returning to the yacht for a siesta. Sailing is a great way to top up your tan with the cool breeze and comfortable sun loungers on board.

If you are lucky you could spot the native monk seals around the waters of Alonissos, where the sea is so clean it’s been declared as a protected marine park.

They are the highlight of our holiday. You just kick off your shoes, find a comfy bed to lie on and sail the Aegean. It stops at beautiful, non-touristy coves and beaches. You can jump in from the side of the yacht – or use the step ladder into the water. The food is lovely and the salad comes from Angelo’s mother’s garden in Skopelos. The lemon pie on the homebound leg is gorgeous. Went yesterday – and Back again next week! Highly recommended.

-The best boat trip!

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